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August 15th, 2006

11:08 pm
being at home sucks. i dont get to talk to randy allt hat much =(

stupid conflicting scheduals....
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August 11th, 2006

12:28 pm
woo! b+ in lab.
possibly C+ in bio, depending on this test... at worst a C at best a B
mani hope i get at least C+

i was gonan take the chem final and jsut sorta bs it..but i got scared after i realized only 30% was cumulative nad 70% was based off hte last chapter. :x
so yeah..


August 10th, 2006

02:04 pm
i realize now.taht soem peoeple are just really ugly and the phrase ' theyre kinda cute' never reallymade sense to me, cause i always thouhgt people were all alright looking, but...... its true. somepeopel just arent cute o_o
like.. at all.

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August 8th, 2006

01:46 am
oh man
so we emptied mine and my brothers rooms into the living room for the carpets to be cleane dtomorrow..
oscar and andrews rooms arleike.... clean/empty already.. so like ther ewasnt much to do in ther ebut takeht mattresses out and move the litle commode.

id have to say taht im impressed taht we managed to do this inlike..... 3 hours ish. we got pizza and ate and then actualyl started moving things. so yay.

and so the only thing left in my room is my compuer andmy rug na dmy comforter andpillow...... iljust toss that onteh princess and hte pea pile of mattresses tomorow morning.
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August 3rd, 2006

09:07 pm
jaime pas que je ne plus dessiner...... ca fait si longtemps que jai rien fait.... et ca me fait triste parceque jadorais le faire..mais j;ai plus l'imagination que javais..j'en ai plus d'inspirations..
tout me decourage...si cest lecole or quoi que ce soit....je nepeut rien faire pour moi meme....
jaime pas que je ne pas compredres mes etudes... et si jarrive pas, je ne sais pas quoi faire...je me sens au memepositions que mon frere etait y'a pas longtemps....
et cest pas que je m'sentais mieux que lui... c;estais que je croiyait que j'avais l'abilitee de mieux faire..
bah.i suck
sorry.... i felt liek french.
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July 30th, 2006

05:20 pm
i love how there can be famous people online.
like.... famous in the sense theyre on every oekaki board imaginable, draw everywhere, are on dA and are admired or just draw really well.
in real life im sure theyre recognized for their talents, but to people that theyll never meet they can be an inspiration or just... someone to drool over :P
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July 29th, 2006

01:35 pm

Find your Celestial Choir


July 26th, 2006

10:28 pm - larrys jealous of my awesome chem TA
(22:17:52) pumpkinspooge: he gave us pizza and juice
(22:18:02) mightykan: what
(22:18:04) pumpkinspooge: andi broughtpoporn
(22:18:08) pumpkinspooge: popcorn
(22:18:12) mightykan: I can't believe this
(22:18:15) mightykan: your Ta is amazing
(22:18:16) pumpkinspooge: and we had threet eams
(22:18:22) pumpkinspooge: thepurple pandas (mine)
(22:18:25) pumpkinspooge: the green monkeys
(22:18:32) mightykan: teams, man so envious
(22:18:33) pumpkinspooge: and the blue baracudas
(22:18:42) mightykan: what was with the color and animal?
(22:18:42) pumpkinspooge: legends of hte hidden temple muchO:
(22:18:50) pumpkinspooge: sidespurple panda..
(22:18:54) pumpkinspooge: it was thepurpelparrot
(22:18:56) pumpkinspooge: but.... eh o.
(22:19:32) mightykan: man, I can only hope that my TA is cool about everything tomorrow
(22:19:38) pumpkinspooge: lol
(22:20:55) mightykan: I know he won't be, he was harassing everyone to finish tues. he's like c'mon no one wants to be here thurs.
(22:21:23) pumpkinspooge: lol.
(22:23:01) mightykan: so did you learn everything there is to no about spectroscopy
(22:24:21) pumpkinspooge: i learned abityes o.o
(22:24:43) pumpkinspooge: the the blue bbaarraaccuuddaass (becuase he coudlnt figureout how to spell it sohe jsut put 2 of every letter) won
(22:24:47) pumpkinspooge: and they gotbubbles
(22:25:00) pumpkinspooge: and a spngebobyou throw at a wall that flips over ht wall
(22:25:03) pumpkinspooge: adns ticks to it thing
(22:25:09) pumpkinspooge: and a spinner thing
(22:25:14) pumpkinspooge: and a water gun
(22:25:45) mightykan: WHAT
(22:25:55) mightykan: I HATE YOUR TA WITH A FIERY PASSION
(22:25:55) pumpkinspooge: fourpoeple inthe group
(22:25:58) pumpkinspooge: they pickedout oa f box
(22:26:02) pumpkinspooge: I TOLD YOU TO COME!
(22:26:13) mightykan: I DIDN'T THINK THERE BE PRIZES
(22:26:19) mightykan: What TA buys prizes
(22:26:19) pumpkinspooge: I TOLD YOU TO COME
(22:26:22) pumpkinspooge: THER WAS PIZZA TOO
(22:26:23) pumpkinspooge: AND JUIVE
(22:26:24) pumpkinspooge: ce
(22:26:27) pumpkinspooge: lol

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July 25th, 2006

03:22 pm
i get a sense of joy everytime i get emails from you
you give me lots to read and i anticipate more.
thank you bot@fanfiction.com

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10:26 am
i can hardly stay awake at night and now i cant even sleep in.


July 23rd, 2006

04:10 pm
i bought a tv off some person on livejournal for 20 bucks.
she said it was a 17 inch tv, so i was liek okay. thats cool.
oscar and i get tehre, and its this huge mofoing tv. like... a 25 inch tv (we measured it when we got home) we figure they did the up adn down measurement not the diagonal how its normally done.

so i got a tv! O:
and if i dont need it, i can totlaly sell it again and get my 20 bucks back.or jsut leave it here. whatev!

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01:22 am
if you saw this
red arror pointing down some one lane dirt road likethis http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/krefdagshe/creepyroad.jpg onteh side of teh street at night while youre looking for a cemetery taht you know is somewhere on that side of teh road, woudl that freak you teh fuck out?

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July 21st, 2006

11:00 am
oh, so i came up with the best idea ever.

iam going to clone my children.
as in like, i wont have twin births, but im going to take my embryo and clone it, then place them back in.
making a twin!
itll be some deathbed secret.
"your twin sister is really your clone!"

all in the name of science. =)
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July 19th, 2006

07:23 pm
i feel kinda empty right now o_o and like i shoudl be doing something
this last week was amazing O:
nice relaxing time with my randy adn then i drove back to gvillein his car O:! and we didnt die. plus amazing sex. and then class =( boo. and hten driving in teh rain which was kinna scary at tmes, but good experience!
and universal! that was good fun.=)
andi bought a DSlite :x
and super mario bros for it xD;
i love it
its amazingly awesome, it is.
on monday night randy and i spent like and hour ot 2 playing eachther on mario. taht was so much fun.

i shoudl study for my test friday. =(
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July 13th, 2006

10:49 pm
so i get this call while oscar and greenberg andi were looking for a place to eat.
and this guy calls. and he says 'hey is sarah there?"
and im like..uh..who is this?
this is uh.jim.
....no ..sorry wrong number....i think
adn soi hung up

adn it sounded EXACTLY like mike.

and im jsutleik WHAT THE FUCK.
and i said hta tliek 5 times and oscar and mike wer elike..uh huh?
adn so i minimally explained...
and now come to think of it.i dont know if he said sarah or arianna.

adn i was so temptedt o like..call mike back and be like..did you jsut call me? o___O
cause it said private number, soits not i coudl callit back and be liek wtf.
but i talked to greenberg and oscar and so ..i feel better now.
but jesus motherfuckign christ, he just wont go away .-.

we ate at hops. it was yummy. that salad was soooo good.
and we ate at bentos this after noon. sooo good.
so good infact, i actualyl finished it. which is amazing for me o_O

but liek.. i dunno. i actaulyl felt grateful for themlistening to me babble.. i felt a needto say thanks for listening to me not out of obligation to be polite, but cause i was actually thankfulfor it o_o
and as much as i dontliek talking baout it, its nice to hear that other people see himas being a bit of an ass inwhat hed do.. which just sort of makes me realize more of why i kind of wanted to get away from him in the first place...and it wasnice toliek..get it off ofmy chest and see it again, the good and hte bad, and not just the crap that i liked, or just the bad..but all of hte unfolding nad stuff...
i dunno.
blah stuff and things
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July 11th, 2006

05:24 pm
(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

I miss somebody right now. × I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (but idotn really wear them..i just have em.. and could wear em) × I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.  (...liek all the time haha) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )
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July 10th, 2006

05:33 pm

UGH. taht schedual is HORRID. =\

i think it kind of blows my ideas of working.....
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July 7th, 2006

04:42 pm
oh well goddammmit
so apparently we have a spectroscopy problem in lab on monday.. but our ta never showed up ..and a replacement never showed up to cover him on wednesday.
so basically.. we've got no one to really ask questions o_O
i got an email, tha ti just checked, for a session tah twas.. an hour ago. =\ send alitte befreo noon.
so uncool!
damn chemistry!
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July 6th, 2006

05:32 pm
so theres an alphabet city show tomorrow
ikinna wanna go
but josh and max arent here =(


July 1st, 2006

07:24 pm
oscar's moving in summer B =)

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June 24th, 2006

05:01 pm
cat keeps coming back fro more.
she keeps trying to eat thispeiceof paper. duct tapet hing.
and i keep squirting her each time.
at first shejsutkidna like...whoa, wait what? *continues* so i squirt her again, eventually she got teh idea, liek oh.. imgonan run away now.
adn she inches back..
i let herin myroom.. and she she goesot eat it some mroe, and isquirt her and she runs away
and comes back.
ah the endless cycle of stupid animals.


June 23rd, 2006

09:11 pm
you know..
i was well aware of my tests for ages.
i was feeling okay about them
i semi starteds tudying on saturday last week fro em. which is a kind of first for me. with increments of studying blah balh. i felt okay abou what i knew.
relaxing getting comfy withmyself and overall not being as miserable and shitty tempered and crappy likei normally am.
and then there was today.
combined with yesterday.
mostly last night
and today.
god mother fucking damnit.
so i would say my main problems and hatred and illfeelings are directed towards my brohters stupid mother fucking dumb cat that is in my care for the next..... 7? weeks that hes gone.
bad. move.
so yesterdayi tried to study.
goddamn cat woudltn leave me alone.
i mean i know shes an attention whore, but GODDAMN. leave me alone.
i throw her outof my rooma nd close my door, only to have her claw at teh carpet underneathe it and the udnerpart of the actual door itself. shes a littel spoiled brat that wants adn needs to get everythign she motherfucking wants.
and then when shes sitting calmly near me for a while, its fine, until she starts purring. when she starts purring its bad news.
thats her 'im excited, lets play, im going to fuck you and all of your shit up' mood. :|
as in, claw and bite my arm, lick my floor, chew and try to eat lots of things thati really shoudl let her, and hope she chokes and dies on. like earlier
i found her gnawing chewing biting the fuck out of a Qtip.
shes out in teh livingroom with the qtip.
i shoudlve let her keep it and die. but no. for some reason, i took it from her and slapped her for beign stupid. then proceeded to squirt her with teh water bottle.

so yeah
last night iwas trying to study..cat was all overmy books and notes and papers and just being ann nnoyingpeice of shit. so im like fine. illjust goto sleep.
so she claws atmy door so i cant sleep. :|
fine. ill open my door, you can stay in my bed, just be good.
not five minutes she starts using my motherfucking matress as a scratch post.
imsorry, but you do NOT SCRATCH UP my BAMBI sheets, you BITCH
so every few minutes of dozing, id be woken up by scartching , or her purring excitedly in my face, or walking on me, or chewing on somehting makeinglots of noise on my floor somewhere...
so i get up and throw her out.
okay. seems good for abit.
10 minutes later shes entertaining hersel fwith her paper balls. okay. good. maybe shell tire herself out and leave me alone.
an hour later shes MEWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOIIIIINGGGGGGGS and clawing at my goddamn motherfucking door begging and pleading and BTICHING TOGET IN MY ROOM
the amount of times ive withheld from strangling and breakign this cat in two or thrwoing her across the wall, or outside the patio to land hard on teh ground three floors down.. i cannot say.

so every few hours i was woken up by her.
finally my alarm goes off this morning. shes walking all over me, dancing between my legs almost making me trip over her. i fed her, wahtever, and got the fuck out of my hosue as fast as i goddamn could to get away from her.

and in that rush
i left my chem book on my floor.
in my chem book had allo fmy chem notes.
chem notes thatiw as going to finish studying for th ehour i had between my classes

and thenproceed to do less than fabulous onmy chem test. maybe semi decent on bio, but eh.

so not only do i lose sleep because of this cat, i do poorly on my tests because i cant fucking concentrate with her being a goddamn annoying attention whore.

and htenmother calls me.
which puts me inan oh so pleasantmood :|
then later... i decide to take a nap..
i told my mom earlier id call my dad later.
not 15 minutes into 'ph yes, im finally falling asleep' phase of nap, my goddamn phone rings.
its my dad :|
waking me up. for a 3 minute and 48 scond conversation that pulls me from getting 4 hours of sleep that woudl keep me from destroying this goddamn cat.
so icant sleep.
cats whinging outside my door.

adn to top it all off.
randys moms car got all brokeded =(
so plans of this week off being spent at his place are cut a few days shorter than intended, which is saddening.

which mostly means ihave two more sleepless nights to go through becuase of this goddamn cat.
instead of one.

ihate her.
i absolutely positively motherfuckign hate and loathe this fuckign cat.
before it was just..you kwno okay, you suck go away, throw her out and she goes to bother somebody else.
but theres no one else for her to go to cause nobodys hoooome. :|
normally id be rellishing this situation if it wasnt for teh fact tahti need to put up with this bitch.
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Current Music: goddamn croaking frogs :|

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June 21st, 2006

12:11 pm
theres school july 3rd =(
i thought calsses didnt start un til the 5th. teh bastards. :|
oh well.
no labs. so tahts all that matters!
three more days
theeeeeeeeeeennnnnn im freeeee
for a week
of fun and happiness =)
Current Music: Celldweller - One Good Reason


June 20th, 2006

03:26 pm
dildos and vibrators seem like such a cop out to masturbation.
cause like.. you dont have to work or anything. it does all the work for you! which is totlaly unfair o.o
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06:49 am
my cousins are gettingso biiiiiig.
10 and 13!
i get to go seee them next yeaaaaaaaar
i think
i hope
just a thought
kekeke. theyll be 14
and goign into highschool! ahhhh

man i feellike such an old lady for this.
imnot event hat much older than them, but ive known em since they was lllittel babies <33

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